Years ago walking on a path in the zone of Azzarino I acknowledged the frequency of religious testimonies, like capitals, tombstone, steles or crosses of stone, made to invoke a grace, to remember a difficult moment or an escaped danger. Knowing the history that every work brings by itself and within itself, I tried a deep respect and joy. Works of sculptors or simple stone-dressers disclose lived history but still current, worn by the time and smoothed by the wind, they have forward eternity.
SARTORI of ROVERE'- On the road that from Roverè goes to S.francesco in proximity of the Bazani region and just before Sartori we are at 979 meters of height on the sea level.

This 1888 Cross that reaches the height of almost three meters hands the writing:
Jesus my mercy, 300 days of indulgence. The symbols of the Passion are represented too.

Velo, VAL Of VELO Between Velo Veronese and Val of Veil at m.1085 of height on the sea level there is this tall Cross two meters high that doesn't present visible writings. Dating in search..


FOI - VALDIPORRO At Valdiporro along the ramification of the path n.255 that brings to Grietz, after the crossroads to Foi-Rossolini at about 1152 meters on the sea level, there is this Cross (Pezzo Cross) belonging to 1823 with rounded off and irregular profiles. At the base, the writing C.F.P. A.D.1823.

CR 004  
VALDIPORRO, CONZE At Valdiporro on the road that, climbing toward North, binds Grietz locality to the crossroads to Conze region, this stately steeple has been raised surmounted by a well worked cross of beaten iron and the base that has a form of violin, rather unusual in our hills.
CR 005
CR 005
particular of the metallic cross
VALDIPORRO, GAIO At Valdiporro on the road that, climbing toward North, binds Grietz locality to Gaio, we find this tall cross few more than two meters high, lessened on the right side, whose base brings the only writing:
A.D. 1777.

CR 006  
CAMPOFONTANA, SCALETTE At Campofontana along the path 205 of Lobbie, to our left just before Scalette, we can see at the center of a great basin this stony cross rounded off , in which has been sculpted a further classical cross, crossed on its length by four big nails.
At the base, the writing hard to see, that is: PANI ANIMA Q DMO E DIC SOOISS A.

CR 007