LESSINIA a fairy-tale landscape
The Lessinia, a big highland that of the Small Dolomites, goes down almost diverging itself toward Verona up to the shores of the Adige almost to quench. Constitutes from alternate zones to lawns for the pastures, dense woods and ploughed from deep valleys denominated "vaj" with numerous erosions karst fit to make unique, varied, almost extrovert and never humdrum this zone. These are naturals characteristics that go up again to the night of the times of which the man used and misused but the union also not always happy it has been able to bring to our times a mountain landscape still permeated of healthy memoirs and of healthy environments, let's respect it living it with our hearts. Environment recognized as Regional Natural Park from the regional law 30/01/1990 n.12
Erbezzo approves some Horn Monco, Horn Aquilio, and on the background there's the Baldo's Mountain..


approves toward the Lobbies


Azzarino, approves on the swaying Val Sguerza, ecological area in danger for the probable opening of the hundredth marble quarry, suspended for the time.


a look toward West, Castelberto, the Horn Monco and the Aquilio.


The pastures of malga than above

Sega di Ala

look toward North-West, the Adige's valley, the Altissimo Mountain, and on the background the Adamello-Presanella group


There could not miss on the hills of the Lessinia some stones that raise the spirits anguane and elves like this stone put to support of the poles to delimit the access to the fields.
Over the hole the Baldo is stretched to hide the Garda