Campofontana, Alta via dei Cimbri


The tracks of dinosaurs at Bella Lasta at Saint George of Boscochiesanuova  Nice excursion that brings us to discover the tracks of  theropoda kayentapus on Bella Lasta of  passo Malera, close to S.George. Path of about 5 km. teropode kayentapus le orme della Bella Lasta
from Pedemonte to Valgatara of Valpolicella It's an easy walk that lasts a couple of hours among vineyards and olive grooves of Valpolicella, along the track n.10 from Pedemonte to Valgatara, on the mountain Masua. It's 4 km long - about 1h45. Pedemonte,street of Masua
from Paverno to Canzago, Prognol Among the quarters of Valpolicella, along the tracks n.10 and 11 from Paverno, Gnirega, Colombare, Canzago, Ravazzol, Agnella, and back to Paverno. It's 5 km long - about 2h30. Paverno
from San Floriano to Pezza It's an easy walk that connects the parish of San Floriano to the sanctuary of S. Maria Valverde, located in Pezza, along the Coston ridge. It's 5,3 km long - about 2h30. Sant'Urbano mountain
from Erbezzo to Malga Lessinia It's a pleasant track to find the taste and the fragrance of the famous local cheese Monte Veronese. It's 6,5 km long - about 2h50 Erbezzo,quarter Bernardi


All theese tracks are experienced and told with human passion, i disclaim all responsability for wrongs or imprecisions, moreover it's useful to wear comfortable footwears and suitable clothes to the different seasons; it's also important to use with regularity local cartographies, easily available. I gladly accept corrections to improve theese pages.